55 anni e devo rassodare il viso: stimolazione crescente by Natinuel

55 years old and I need to firm up my face: increasing stimulation by Natinuel

9:53am, 06/27/2021

Anna Peter: Hi, which cream would you recommend to firm up my face ? I'm 55 and I've never had the need to take care of my face. I wanted to start with Natinuel products, which a friend of mine also uses.

NEST: Good evening, the Bio line by Natinuel is certainly for you. It is a family of products with increasing stimulation starting from Bio Delis 10% and reaching Bio Derm 16% .

This category of products is characterized by the presence of various alpha hydroxy acids at the appropriate concentrations, associated with peptides.

Their main indication is aimed at preserving or rebalancing a correct epidermal cellular turnover and at the same time promoting the regeneration of the constituents of the Dermal Extra Cellular Matrix.

We certainly recommend starting with a morning and evening cleansing with Natinuel Cleanser 5% combined with Natinuel Bio Delis 10% and in a few months switching to Natiuel Bio Rejuven 12%

organic line to firm up

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