Prevenire l'invecchiamento cutaneo già dai 18 anni? Si può!

Preventing skin aging from the age of 18? Yes you can!

9:53am, 08/29/2022

Angela : hi, I've been a customer of yours for a few years, do you recommend a cream for an 18-year-old girl?.... she already uses the cleanser 5% of your line would need a cream.

NEST : Hello, in the absence of specific discomforts/blemishes , the Natinuel creams suitable for a preserving action on young skin are:

-Natinuel Hydra Moist Cream

- Natinuel Bio Soft 8%

Available for free telephone advice by appointment, the best way to fully exploit the potential of the Natinuel line.

PS: Cleaning/cleansing is essential every day , morning and evening with the 5% Cleanser you already have.

Thank you have a nice day

NEST staff

8:32, 08/30/2022

Angela: good morning, the difference between the 2 creams you indicated to me

NEST: The Hydra Moist Cream is an immediate moisturizing cream , guaranteeing it in the short, medium and long term, thanks to its ability to preserve the lipid balance of the stratum corneum. Natinuel Bio Soft 8% is a cream designed to treat skin with the first signs of aging , but by virtue of its formulation, suitable for the preservative treatment of young , delicate , sensitive skin; both are 24h creams. so morning/evening...

Angela: Thank you very much


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