occhio trattato con natinuel bio eyes e the look

Eye contour: this is what we recommended to Maria Elena

18:12, 12/31/2022

Maria Elena: Good evening, I wanted to know which products you had for sale for the eye area . I'll give you a photo of the detail of the eye. Could you recommend something? Thank you.

NEST: Good evening Maria Elena, the Natinuel self-care dedicated to the eye area is simple and effective. Indicatively and to rationalise: in the case of "biological age" up to 40/45 years , in the absence of particular blemishes such as bags, "dark circles", particular pigmentations, we suggest "Natinuel Bio Eyes", applied morning and evening. In the case of "biological age" over 45 , in which the signs of aging and/or the imperfections listed above are evident, we suggest the complete treatment: "Natinuel Bio Eyes" in the morning and "Natinuel The Look" in the evening. We hope to have been comprehensive, thank you for contacting us and we invite you to ask us for further information or clarifications if you feel the need, without problems. We are at your complete disposal. We wish you a pleasant evening.

natinuel the look and natinuel bio eyes

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