Natinuel per la cura dell'ACNE, il caso di Desire

Natinuel for the cure of ACNE, the case of Desire

19:47, 23/1/2021

Desire: Good evening, I found your number through your online shop for Natinuel products and I wanted to ask for advice. I started using the 8% cleanser for normal skin but I saw the description of the strong 9% cleanser and I think it may better meet my needs. I'm using Bio Soft as a cream to use after cleansing. I mainly suffer from oily skin (not excessively) and white spots under the skin. Do you think the strong 9% detergent could be suitable? I am attaching a picture of the current situation. The situation is this even if it is difficult to make an analysis with a photo. Sometimes the skin is a little more inflamed than it is now.


NEST: Hi Desire, then Natinuel Cleanser Strong 9% is suitable for oily, impure and acne-prone skin, but only if the impurities are very evident. Often, during cabin treatments, we recommend home use of 5% in the morning and 9% in the evening . If at the moment your skin is still in an intermediate situation, therefore skin that does not produce excessive sebum, you can safely continue with 8% . The photo is very clear, and it is evident that first of all it is necessary to cleanse the face (preferably with mandelic acid, without using the vaporizer) . Mandelic acid (present in creams such as Natinuel Bio Delis ) is a good support in support of the treatment which however includes the standard Cleanser Strong 9% and Seba 12 in the "acne explosive" phase, also in your case, as an attack action .

Natinuel Seba 12 is a serum and you will feel the need to also use a cream to avoid the "tight skin" effect. To overcome this sensation and continue with the activity done in the institute, we recommend Natinuel Bio Delis as a laying cream.

For this reason, rather than immediately recommending a cleanser plus a laying cream to our customers, we often recommend two cleansers ( Cleanser 5% in the morning and Cleanser Strong 9% in the evening) . The use of detergents is essential in Natinuel, we never recommend a cream to our customers without first making sure that it is cleaned correctly.

In your case you could start with Natinuel Cleanser 5% in the morning and Cleanser Strong 9% in the evening. (As the acne tends to be less evident, you will reduce the use of the Cleanser Strong 9% , replacing it with the Cleanser 5% , after a few days you will find yourself applying the Cleanser 5% morning and evening and this will become your cleansing daily "standard") . A tip: apply, massage and leave the cleanser to act (in the meantime you can brush your teeth for example) and then rinse.

Apply the Natinuel Seba 12 serum in the evening and let it act (it dries in an instant and you may itch a little but that's right, it's the sanitizing action of the product) .

In the evening, after Seba 12 , with dry skin, apply Natinuel Bio Delis in pose.

[20:46, 23/1/2021]

Desire: In the morning after the cleanser, should I still use a protective cream in order not to risk stains? Since there are acids or is it not necessary?

NEST: It is not mandatory, but it is a good practice to think of creams with a protective factor right now, you can very well apply Natinuel Bio Delis after cleansing in the morning. Natinuel creams are born as 24 hour creams. Keep in mind that Bio Delis has medium protection UVB UVA sunscreens.

Desire: Excellent, thank you very much for your availability and for your knowledge of the products

NEST: No problem, of course we're here on purpose.


[20:43, 7/2/2021]

Desire: Good evening, more than a week ago I started using your products after placing my order on your online site. I'm very happy with the results I'm having, my skin is almost perfect, the only thing I've noticed is that I have a slight flaking (or dryness, I don't know what the exact term is) not excessive but a little yes. What do you think I can do?

NEST: Hello Desire, first of all thank you for writing to us and thank you for letting us participate in the evolution of home treatment. The effect you had is exactly the result of the combined action of Cleanser Strong 9% , Seba 12 and Bio Delis , a "strong" action designed precisely to induce skin renewal which is manifesting itself in the form of flaking of the superficial layer of the skin. 'epidermis.

Using Natinuel means becoming aware of the feedback, of the physiological responses that the skin gives with each application. Precisely for this reason it may be important, after the first week of intensive home treatment, to remodulate the application of the "team" of products you have at home. Memories? we explained to you that after an "attack phase" you would have started to remodulate the use of detergents, favoring the use of the 5% Cleanser and reducing that of the 9% Cleanser Strong . The goal now is to normalize self-care to a standard, gentler routine. After an intense week of combined use, we now advise you to reduce the use of "strong" products ( Strong Cleanser 9% and Seba 12 ) , spacing the Strong Cleanser 9% evenings from the Seba 12 evenings. You will learn to modify the frequency of use of individual products, for example by modifying the proportions of use between the two detergents, according to the responses you can notice, reducing the "strong" detergent and favoring a daily routine with Cleanser 5% . The same goes for the use of installation products. Which means, on Natinuel Seba 12 , reducing or intensifying the frequency of applications according to real needs. If in the attack phase the use of Seba 12 is recommended every night, in the maintenance phase the cadence of the applications decreases, to 2, 3 times a week ... it is very important to enter into this perspective, because there are no standard of use, but everything is based on the responses that the skin gives you on a daily basis.

[12:01, 8/2/2021]

Desire: Perfect, thank you again for your availability!

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