Couperose e rosacea per Daniela: la soluzione di Natinuel

Couperose and rosacea for Daniela: Natinuel's solution

15:32, 01/07/2021

Daniela: Hello, I wanted to know which face products I can buy for cleaning and treatment suitable for my skin type : delicate sensitive with Couperose and occasionally with rosacea phenomena. I send you a picture of my current situation. Thank you best regards Daniela


NEST: Hi Daniela, the most suitable products for your skin are: Cleanser 5% PHA-AHA for daily facial cleansing and cleansing, Natinuel Homeo Gen and Homeo Rose Cream for the specific treatment of couperose and rosacea. An ideal triptych for delicate and sensitive skin like yours. Together with the first order, we will take care of sending you the testers of other very useful products to support and supplement your home self-care, such as: Natinuel Bio Soft 8%, Oxy 100, Defend Plus. Available for a free, short but effective telephone consultation, On appointment. Thank you for contacting us Nest staff

18:05, 13/07/2021

Daniela: Good evening, I wanted to thank you for the advice and for the effects of the Natinuel products that you recommended to me and I bought on your site, I will hardly be able to do without them now. The skin appears relaxed, with no more annoying redness and a feeling of "skin that pulls". Thanks a lot again.

18:12, 13/07/2021

NEST: Good evening Daniela, thanks for the feedback, we were sure of it, Natinuel Homeo Gen and Homeo Rose Cream are a certainty when it comes to delicate , reactive skins subject to couperose , rosacea and even dermatitis . On dermatitis we have had some wonderful answers. Some customers have managed to reduce and replace cortisone medications with daily use of Homeo Rose Cream.

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