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A cream cleanser without SLS-SLES indicated for the daily cleaning of sensitive and delicate skins that does not create irritation. Delicate surfactants have been integrated with biofunctional substances to favor the elimination of cellular residues and impurities but without altering the superficial hydrolipidic film. The integrity of the latter is essential to preserve healthy and functional skin. After rinsing, the cream emulsion leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness, softness and cleanliness.


Cleanses but preserves the delicate hydro-lipid balance of the stratum corneum, an ideal skin condition for the subsequent application of the specific product.


  • MALIC ACID: Promotes epidermal cell renewal, performs sanitizing activity and helps preserve surface hydration.
  • LACTOBIONIC ACID: It has a very powerful antioxidant action, has a strong hygroscopic power (property of a substance to absorb water both in the liquid and in the gaseous state) and is a hyper-moisturizer.
  • VIT.E: Fat-soluble molecule associated with biological membranes and lipoproteins that protects polyunsaturated fats from peroxidation.
  • AVOCADO OIL: Thanks to the very high quantity of unsaponifiables, avocado oil has unique eudermic and sebum-like characteristics. It performs a superficial restoring action especially if applied to dull, dry or dehydrated skin.
  • BIOCERIDE COMPLEX: Associated with plant phospholipids, they play a vehicle role for the active molecule and contribute to the restoration of the phospholipid content in the double layers of epidermal cells. Thanks to its structural and chemical analogy to the natural ceramides of the skin, the PMS molecule has a good affinity with the lipids of cell membranes, thus helping to strengthen and repair the skin barrier, it also preserves the correct humidity of the skin by preventing the onset of dryness and imbalances in the hydrolipidic film of the stratum corneum.
  • EXTR. CAMOMILE: Emollient, protective, purifying action.

Capacity: 150ml

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Customer Reviews

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Angela Taccioli

Ottimo prodotto

Silvia Arduini
Prodotto ottimo!

Ottimo per la pulizia della pelle!

Loredana Serra

Prodotto molto valido.Lo utilizzo da tempo e mi trovo bene.

Claudia Daini


Ina Rebezniuc


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