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Surgic Touch



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DESCRIPTION: The make-up remover cleanser that guarantees correct facial cleansing, which on the one hand provides for compliance with the physiological conditions of the skin, on the other an effective action to remove any residue of make-up, smog, lipids and dead cells. TOTAL REMOVER is made up of an isotonic solution which replaces the action of milk and tonic by itself, respecting the skin's perspiration. It prevents redness and irritation and facilitates the correct absorption of the active ingredients contained in cosmeceuticals.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The formula of TOTAL REMOVER It has been developed for naturally hypersensitive skin or skin that has become so due to sensitizations gained over the years with poorly pure or allergenic cosmetics. Thanks to its special formulation and pH modulation, Total Remover allows deep cleansing of the face while respecting the superficial hydro-lipid film: this allows maintaining the barrier function of the epidermis thus avoiding the onset of irritation and redness.

The cleaning molecules used in Total Remover consist of one part HYDROPHILIC (with affinity for aqueous solutions) and on the one hand lipophilic (which has an affinity for fatty matrices, such as make-up): this component is LIPOPHILIC which binds and removes makeup or grease from the skin. It does not contain perfumes, parabens, dyes, petroleum derivatives and silicones. Product without rinsing.


Apply TOTAL REMOVER with a cotton ball to remove all types of make-up and impurities, for deep facial cleansing. Use daily by emulsifying it thoroughly on the skin of the face, neck and eyelids. It is possible to repeat the application until all residue on the cotton disappears.


Leaves the skin perfectly clean without occlusive residues thus allowing uniform absorption of the active ingredients contained in cosmeceuticals.

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Michela Maurizia Gessati

TOTAL REMOVER - Detergente struccante

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Natinuel bioceutics are high-performance products, which we have known and used in our institutes for years. To fully exploit its potential, a high level of competence is required aimed at the most effective development of the most appropriate self-care programs.

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