Natinuel was born in 2004 and avails itself of the scientific advice of doctors, biologists, pharmacists and the support of university institutes. Today, the Natinuel brand is present in over 15 countries around the world.

Objective: to create products proven by international biomedical reading. Each Natinuel line comes to life thanks to constant and meticulous biological and biochemical research on formulations and mechanisms of action. All the treatments in the cabin are designed for the most demanding professionals of aesthetics and aesthetic medicine who are looking for a highly performing product with tangible results.

The home and professional lines

The Natinuel line, dedicated to skin care and health, is based on the most recent research and innovations in the dermatological field and on a consolidated experience in the aesthetic sector, gained by a selected and cutting-edge scientific team. Natinuel chooses exclusively high quality pharmaceutical-medical active ingredients, dermatologically tested, for which it ensures efficacy and safety. A fundamental characteristic of Natinuel is to represent an ideal "bridge" between medicine and aesthetics, made possible by overcoming the now obsolete concept of cosmetics and opening a new frontier with the introduction of Molecular Bioceutics into the aesthetic sector. Natinuel produces professional cosmetics for beauticians and for home treatments. Each product, professional or home, incorporates multiple active ingredients, selected to act in a synergistic and targeted way on the various skin imperfections.

A TREATMENT ... 365 days a year

Natinuel gives a new meaning to the daily application of the products of the care line. Day after day, the structural rejuvenation of the skin is achieved through a gradual but clear improvement of all aesthetic parameters. To enhance the effectiveness of all its treatments we have also created the home face and body line: the quality and results of professional products even at home.